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Cogat practice test pdf

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Interactive Practice Question for CogAT First Grade Level

Please choose another answer. Prev Next Finish. Bookmark Page. K and Pre K Grade Level. Look at the shapes on top. They are alike in some way and so they belong together. Choose one shape from the bottom row that belongs with the figures on top. First shape above the bubble. Second shape above the bubble. Third shape above the bubble. Fourth shape above the bubble. Look at the abacus. The beads form a pattern. The beads for the 6th rod are missing.

Choose the rod that goes in the 6th place to complete the pattern. First rod above the bubble. Second rod above the bubble. Third rod above the bubble.

Fourth rod above the bubble. Look at the abacus to the right. Look at the shapes in the boxes across the rows and up and down the columns. Do you see how they are related to each other? Can you find the answer that goes in the empty box so the designs inside the rows and columns follow a pattern or rule? Which one would a fireman use?

First image above the bubble. Second image above the bubble. Third image above the bubble. Forth image above the bubble. Which one of these would you find in a bathroom? Parent say to your child: Look at the shapes on top. First image over the bubble.

Second image over the bubble. Third image over the bubble. Fourth image over the bubble. Take a look at the pictures across the top.Privacy Protected - We do not sell or share your information with anyone. By submitting you agree to TestingMom. Unlike Kindergarteners and 1st graders taking CogAT, second graders must read the question on the test, rather than listening to a proctor read it.

Second graders will also begin using a bubble sheet to record their answers for the CogAT. That way, your child can focus on the material being tested, rather than how to actually take a test.

Below are several CogAT sample questions that are intended for the 2nd grade level. Each practice question will reflect a specific subtest that your child will come across. In this section, you will be given a mathematical equation.

cogat practice test pdf

Choose the answer that should replace the? In the Figure Classification subtest, the student is shown two rows of figures. The top figures are alike in some way. The student must choose one figure from the bottom row that goes with the top figures in the same way that the figures on top go together. Parent say to your child: Look at the shapes on top. They are alike in some way and so they belong together. Choose one shape from the bottom row that belongs with the figures on top.

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The first two words in the sentences below go together in a certain way. Choose the answer that goes with the third word in the sentence the same way that the first and second words go together. In the number series subtest, the child is shown an abacus with one rod missing. The child needs to review the first five rods and look for a pattern or rule.

cogat practice test pdf

Then the child should choose the sixth rod that would continue to pattern or follow the rule in the sixth place. Parent say to your child: Look at the example below. This is an abacus. The beads in the first 5 rods form a pattern or follow a rule. The beads in the sixth rod are missing.

Can you choose the rod that goes in the sixth place that would complete the pattern or follow the rule? In the Paper Folding subtest, the child sees a series of pictures that show a piece of square paper being folded. Then, or or more holes are punched into the paper.

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The child must choose the answer that shows what the paper will look like when it is unfolded. Parent say to your child: Take a look at the pictures across the top.

They show a piece of square paper being folded. Then, one or more holes are punched in the folded piece of paper. Can you point to the answer that shows what the square piece of paper will look like when it is unfolded.We also cover subjects related to tutoring, studying and learning.

It is frequently used as an admissions exam for gifted and talented programs around the United States. The content in each of the three batteries is closely linked to academic achievement, and each battery is divided into subtests. Students are typically allowed minutes per battery, with the test usually requiring hours total.

K-2 students complete a picture-based exam. This battery has three subtests, which vary depending on age. Students must logically complete a sentence by choosing the answer that correctly fills in the blank. For K-2 students, the teacher reads aloud a sentence with a missing word. Students select the picture that best completes the sentence.

cogat practice test pdf

Students are given a list of three words that have something in common, and must choose the answer choice that also belongs in the provided group of words. K-2 students are given a series of three pictures that are in some way similar. The student then selects a picture from the answer choices that is like the other three. Students are given a pair of words that has a specific relationship, along with a third word. They must then choose the answer choice that is related to the third word in the same way that the provided word pair is related.

K-2 students are provided with two pictures that form a pair, as well as a third picture. From the answer choices, the student must select the picture that goes with the third provided image. The quantitative battery measures abstract reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and problem solving skills. Students are given a series of numbers following a pattern. They must determine what number should come next in the series. K-2 students are given images of beads on an abacus.

Based on the images, they must determine what the next abacus in the series should look like. This subtest requires students to solve simple mathematical equations in order to make the amounts on either side of the equal sign the same. K-2 students are provided with pictures that represent math problems. Older students must determine which number in the provided answer choices is analogous to the numbers in the question.

CogAT® Practice Test

K-2 students are given a 2X2 matrix with one empty cell. The student must determine the relationship between the two images in the top row, and then find the picture that has the same relationship with the image on the bottom row. On the nonverbal battery, students are tested on their ability to reason using geometric shapes and figures.

Students must create strategies to solve unique problems that they may never have encountered in school. Students of all ages are provided with three figures and must select the fourth figure that completes the group.

These questions basically require students to solve analogies consisting of shapes and figures.Get free access to the library by create an account, fast download and ads free. We cannot guarantee that every book is in the library. The questions in this CogAT practice test were created by educators who have prepared many children for gifted and talented tests.

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They cover all three of the test's sections nine question types so you can help your student improve the logical and visual reasoning skills required to excel on the CogAT test. It covers 3 subsections each with questions to give your student plenty of practice.

Summary : This books is a great resource for students who are planning to appear for the CogAT test for getting into Grade 7 or Grade 8. This book also includes useful tips for preparing for the CogAT test.

Tips are available for each section that will help test takers deal with complex strategies associated with each section. This books has one full length test similar in format to the actual test that will be administered in the CogAT Test. This test has been authored by experienced professional, verified by educators and administered to students who planned on appearing for the CogAT test. This book helps you with both.

Help your child dream big and take the first steps on this exciting educational journey and achieve their dreams.

YOU are your child's best teacher, and our books are here to help! By using this gifted workbook, your student can get used to the format and content of the CogAT R Grade 1 test so he or she is adequately prepared and feels confident on test day.

In the latter case, we recommend that you have your child take the test in timed conditions over the course of a few days, as per the instructions in the book. Access to bonus online 'challenge' questions. Detailed descriptions of questions and answer keys. Essential test prep strategies to help students avoid mistakes and achieve their best score. This is the best value you will find for CoGAT prep! Gifted and Talented Test Preparation for 2nd Grade: The standardized test prep workbook is for 1st grade students who are taking the CogAT test to gain admission to Grade 2 gifted and talented programs.

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Gifted and Talented Test Preparation for 1st Grade Kindergarten students can also use this practice test to develop and hone cognitive skills that will be tested in 1st grade for admission to 2nd grade gifted and talented programs.

Why use our books? Our goal is to provide you with the very best CogAT test prep materials, and the best value for your money. We created our test prep material because we could not find enough good practice material to effectively prepare students for gifted and talented tests.

As tutors and teachers, we have used various test prep books and have found that they either have an incorrect difficulty level or are overly expensive.

After studying original materials from test creators and testing them on children, we are confident our materials and tests reflect the real CogAT R both in difficulty and in structure. Summary : "Test into your school's best program! Tests of cognitive ability in 9 test areas. Full length practice test.

Answer key included"--Cover. Summary : This book is designed towards mastering the CogAT from which many school districts identify gifted children for admissions into their gifted and talented programs. The book contains 9 lessons, one for each subtest. Each lesson consists of three main parts: Description of the question type, exercise questions, and answers and explanations. In addition, the book has 2 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations.

cogat test prep

It is recommended that you take the first practice test as a diagnostic test to understand your current level of expertise and in which area you need improvement. After completing the 9 lessons, use the second practice test to help improve your problem solving skills.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Reasoning is synonymous with learning and problem-solving.

cogat practice test pdf

Form 6 is still in use, but most schools have transitioned to Form 7. The main differences between Form 6 and Form 7 are the primary level questions Kindergarten through 2nd gradewhich are now picture based as opposed to word based.

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Also, figural analysis questions are now included at the Kindergarten level. The bundles presented below will help prepare students for both versions of the test and include Figure Analysis practice for Kindergarten students. This part of the test often presents the most novel problems to students. The items on these tests use only geometric shapes and figures that have had little direct relationship to formal school instruction.

The tests require no reading and no prior knowledge. A one hole in the bottom right-hand corner B one hole in the bottom right-hand corner and one in the top right-hand corner C one hole in the top right-hand corner D one hole in the bottom right-hand corner and one in the bottom left-hand corner E one hole in the bottom right- hand corner and one in the top left-hand corner.

Relational Concepts, Quantitative Concepts, Quantitative Relations grade 3 and upNumber Series grade 3 and upand Equation Building grade 3 and up areas are assessed. If you are really pressed for time, and you see the student has mastery in a section, you may skip ahead. You may also want to bookmark and return to activities that are more challenging. One way to measure the mastery is to use the first few items in each activity as a pre-test. If you see that your child answers quickly and correctly, you may want to consider moving on.

If they struggle, go through the activities as best you can, but bookmark them and consider going back over the material. Remember, the youngest students have shorter attention spans, so 15 minutes a session is fine.

CogAT 2nd Grade Practice Test

It is also important to point out that all the titles have value well beyond the testing window. The contents of these bundles were determined by The Critical Thinking Co. While the contents of these bundles will help prepare students to master most of the skills tested, they do not reflect the actual test items on any given test. Go Advanced Search. DooRiddles Dr. Who Is This Kid? Colleges Want to Know!

Menu My Account. Search by Title, No. Quick Add to Shopping Cart. View Cart Continue. Verbal Classification : The student is given a list of three words that are alike in some way. The student is asked to choose a word from a selection of five words that is alike in the same way. The answer choices arefall, grow, show, bloom, spread Verbal Analogies : The student is given three words.Across all K CogAT levels, students are evaluated using 3 main batteries- the quantitative, verbal and non-verbal.

Each of these batteries are then further divided into subtests. All CogAT levels are cognitive aptitude tests that assess verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative reasoning abilities in K students. It is used:. The CogAT is a good way to predict future success based on current reasoning skills. This will help you determine the best way to teach your unique student. Its always advisable to start any test prep and especially cogat test grade 2 with a free cogat practice test that includes questions for all the 3 batteries — the quantitative, verbal and non-verbal batteries.

Undoubtedly, CogAT practice can increase the validity and stability of the scores that children get on the CogAT tests.

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